It’s already Thursday… I feel like I haven’t done much all week! That’s not entirely true as we’ve had some big advances in potty training and bedtime routines and everyone’s been fed and bathed and clothed, but I just don’t feel overly productive. Maybe it’s the mid-winter lull. It’s interesting to see how differently we all react to the winter season.

CareBear is a warm-blooded kid. She doesn’t like to wear her coat (or even clothes sometimes) no matter how cold it gets.  It’s the middle of winter and she’s become fascinated by the idea of sleeping in a tent and camping out. Chris made her a tent in the living room and she was an actual “happy camper”. I wonder if she’ll still be excited about it when we actually go camping in a couple of years.

LiliBee is a cuddle bug these days. She’s always been a chilly baby who likes to bundle up and snuggle. She’s thrilled that she can climb up on the couch or bed all by herself now to get to her blanket. She also likes to bring me stories to read… of course, I’ve been reading “10 Little Monkeys” for a couple of years now so all of the suspense is gone.

Me? I could go for one of those “long winter naps”.

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  1. Tezra said,

    January 26, 2009 at 19:37

    Camping with the kid was so much easier and more fun than I expected. I’m sure they’ll love it. Nothing like a nature walk in the woods!

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