Our story

How we met

Following the advice of a good friend (who was probably tired of listening to
Amy whining about how all the guys she knew were either married or jerks), Amy
joined www.Match.com in November of 2002.
After a few months of getting responses from the scary and/or wrong type of
guy, she decided to do a search and contact some herself. Of course, she didn’t
realize until a few weeks later that she did this on Valentine’s day (though
that might explain why only one guy wrote back). Chris was listed on match.com
and came up in the search just as Amy was getting ready to quit for the night.
His was the final email of the evening and the one who wrote back. According to
Chris, he’d looked at Amy’s profile before and noticed that they “matched” on
many important points but thought Puyallup might be a little far away so he was
sticking to the Olympia area in his searches. They decided to meet 3 days later
for a movie (Daredevil) at a theater in Lakewood (nice, public place…) after
Amy made Chris promise that he wasn’t a serial killer. After the movie, Chris
took Amy out to lunch and for a walk in the rain at Nisqually National Nature
Reserve. After that, they chatted or emailed daily and saw each other every
weekend. Chris decided early on that he was going to marry Amy but it took her
a little longer to come around. About 2 months after meeting, Chris officially
proposed and Amy accepted. Apparently Puyallup was not that far after all!