Murhut Falls

Murhut Falls – Olympic National Forest

May 25th, 2001

This was before my time… Chris was still all bachelor-y, so you’ll have to make do with his somewhat sparse narration. Still, a fairly easy hike with lots of pretty things and waterfalls? My kind of hike! Maybe he’ll take me sometime.

All along the trail to Murhut falls you can find wild rhododendrons. Picture taken with a telephoto lens.

Murhut Falls itself has both an upper fall and a lower fall. I used a wide angle lens for this picture to get the entire falls.

To get this picture of the lower fall I was standing on some rocks in the basin at the base of the fall.

February 8th, 2003

Chris went on this hike about a week before we met. He’s crazy with the winter hiking!

Using my digital camera this time, so not quite as good a picture. This was taken from the overlook.

Taken with a several second exposure with my 35mm camera.