Weekly update

Happy Spring! It’s funny to me how much better the weather was when it was “winter”, but we’re enjoying the rain showers anyway.

Saturday was actually a really nice day so we had our first “picnic” in the backyard and the kids spent most of the day playing outside. Chris did a bunch of yard work while I worked on packing for the imminent Banjo arrival (and resting, but don’t tell them that!). Sunday was rainy, but the girls still wanted to have some outside time so they talked Chris into blowing bubbles for them to chase. Apparently, it was a lot of fun being out in the “bubbly rain”!

Mostly, though, our week was busy! My ultrasound and non-stress test went well and everything is looking good for Banjo making it to the scheduled arrival time. The dentist was a little afraid of me and my giant pregnant belly, though, so they didn’t do any xrays and kept the exam pretty brief.

CareBear had her 4 year old check up and got a clean bill of health. She was very cooperative, too, which was a big bonus since it allowed me to ask the doctor some questions and actually listen to the answers! She’s also decided to become a “kids doctor” when she grows up now.

Chris spent a lot of time this weekend cleaning the house and finding things that I needed. I think we’re almost ready to add a new kid to the house, which is good since it’s happening this week whether we’re ready or not! The kids are excited both about finally getting to meet the new baby and about going to their respective sleep overs (though LiliBee has started to tell me that she’s going with me instead). With any luck, things will go smoothly!

So there may or may not be an actual email next week, but there will be an announcement made sometime toward the end of the week! Wish us luck!

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