Weekly update

Here we are, halfway through May, and I’ve lost all track of time! AliBoo will be 8 weeks old this week. We have just 4 more school days until Summer vacation since we only go twice a week. And it just now occurred to me that we go off on vacation to Seaside in two weeks!

This week was lots of fun. We spent our nice days outside and even some of the rainy ones. Eating and/or drinking outside has become one of the favorite activities around here. CareBear has adopted the ants in the yard and spends a lot of time talking to them and keeping LiliBee from stepping on them. Luckily, LiliBee is little and usually barefoot so she does very little damage either way.

CareBear had her big appointment at Mary Bridge for the tests to find out if there’s a physical cause for her UTIs. The tests weren’t much fun, but CareBear was about as brave as could be expected. She actually only really objected to one part of one of the tests and was very cooperative otherwise. We should get the results sometime this week. LiliBee and AliBoo stayed with my folks while we were there… LiliBee had a great time, AliBoo mostly wondered where I was (sometimes loudly, I hear).

We had a big, fun field trip to the Vashon Ferry with the preschool. We had the misfortune of showing up on a day when the boat without an outside deck was running, which means that two or three preschool classes were trapped inside a stuffy little room (standing room only by the time we all crammed in there) for the trip over and back. The kids had a good time watching the cars load up and looking out the windows but they were pretty much done with it halfway through the trip. We then converged on Owens Beach, which was much more successful. The weather was beautiful and  warm enough that the kids could wade in the water without being too hot. Our teacher set up a little tide pool and gather some starfish and crabs for the kids too look at and touch. LiliBee was fascinated by that. CareBear spent a lot of time throwing rocks in the water and running around with her friends. Chris was able to join us for the ferry ride before heading off to work, which was very exciting for the girls.

It was the first week of classes at the Y for this session. LiliBee is in a parent/child toddler gym (mostly chaotic running around with an obstacle course and circle time thrown in) and she’s pretty excited about having her own gymnastics class. CareBear is back in preschool gymnastics after taking a couple of months off to do swimming. She learned how to do the bear walk on the balance beam and is working on backwards rolls. Of course, she also does a lot of running around.

AliBoo is getting the hang of being a person now. She likes taking baths. She will occasionally let me put her down to make lunch or something without throwing a fit. And she woke up smiling today! (It gives me hope that I might actually be a productive member of the household again, eventually.) She’s pretty cute, too.

This week will bring “fun” days at school… we’ll be wearing our clothes backwards one day and wearing our favorite color on another. We have a preschool birthday party in the park on the weekend. And I hope to have a play date at some point! If only I could remember what else we’re supposed to do this week.

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