Weekly update

Happy Summer! No, really, it’s what the calendar says. It’s summer. Really.

We had a hit and miss kind of week… one play date called due to rain, one called due to illness (them, not us, this time) and we ended up skipping Meeker Days. I was looking forward to going to that but the weather combined with the flaky kids kind of made it more trouble than it was worth! We managed to enjoy or weekend anyway, though.

We went for a rainy picnic in the park last week. CareBear and LiliBee didn’t seem to mind the wet play equipment and enjoyed themselves quite a bit! I would have thought that they might object to the wet pants, but apparently the lure of the slides was too great. Of course, our “picnic” took place in the car. It’s Washington, we’re used to that.

The girls had a fun day down at Grandma’s. They got to play with cousin H all day and I hear that LiliBee learned how to drive the jeeps. I know she’s been jealous of the kids who could drive them so I’m not surprised. I asked CareBear if she was going to drive the jeep, too, or just let H and LiliBee drive her around. She’s decided that she likes to be chauffeured.

Meanwhile, AliBoo and I had a day all to ourselves! We did all of her favorite things: snuggling, nursing, napping, smiling, screaming. It was a good day for AliBoo… she got all of the attention!

Our biggest news of the week, though, is the bed hopping that’s been going on! We brought our “guest bed” into the girls’ room this weekend for CareBear. She is officially in her “big girl bed” and loves it. She likes to tell me that she has the biggest bed in the whole house. LiliBee moved out of the crib and into the “little girl bed” (toddler bed). That leaves the crib free for AliBoo, whenever she’s ready to move out of our room. We took a special shopping trip to pick out new blankets and sheets for the beds so now there’s a whole lot of pink in the room.

Father’s Day was pretty mellow. The girls and I made Chris breakfast and gave him his homemade gifts and card (his “real” gift he bought for himself at the radio convention!). We had a mostly leisurely day and Chris got to watch his Sci-Fi shows practically uninterrupted.

This week is getting busier by the minute! I have lots of treasurer stuff to catch up with and I’m still doing half of the publicity for the preschool. This weekend is the start of the new session at the Y. LiliBee is taking toddler gym again and CareBear is taking her first dance class! We’ll also be out at Bill’s Fishin’ Hole in Orting for their Kids Expo on Saturday… our preschool has a booth there and I’ll be volunteering from 1:30-3. If anyone is in the area, feel free to stop by! It’s free and they’re even going to have raffles, stunt planes and a slime booth (whatever that is, I’m sure the kids will love it though). I’m hoping that our play dates actually work out this week, but I’m not counting on it!

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