Weekly update

I’m actually writing this outside! In the sun! (ok, in the shade, I’m not much of a sun person) Using a laptop! I feel so mobile.

We’re finally wasp-free in the backyard so we’re able to enjoy the nice weather. Chris read somewhere that wasps will generally move on after 2-4 weeks and ours left at week 3.5… so I guess they were right. I’m just happy that I can kick the kids out of the house again.

We had a fun week last week. We celebrated my dad’s birthday with a picnic at Sunnyside Beach in Steilacoom. I’d never been there before but it’s a really nice park! We were there at low tide so the girls were able to do some quality beach combing and wading with Pas. We saw fish, crabs and even geoducks in tide pools. The girls had a great time and didn’t want to go home even after 3 hours of splashing around. AliBoo enjoyed the scenery for awhile and then took a nap in the pack on Chris, sometimes upside down while he was trying to catch clams without a shovel!

This weekend, we bought the kids a little inflatable pool. It’s been very popular around here, though they always end up making it into a mud pool eventually. I’m not sure what the appeal is there, but it makes the kids happy and keeps them occupied. It’s pretty fun to watch them, too.

AliBoo is officially a roller. She doesn’t do it every time I put her down, but she does do it intentionally now. She’s really good at going from her tummy to her back but usually only makes it halfway when she’s going the other way. Her other new trick this week is grabbing things… she’s actually been doing that for awhile, but this week she learned to put things into her mouth with reasonable accuracy. She’s been very proud of herself.

This week looks to be a good one, weather-wise, so I’m hoping to get lots of outside time. We have a potential park play date and several overdue errands to fit in along the way.

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