Weekly update

We’ve managed to survive the heat wave so far! I’ve discovered that either going through the pregnancies or the fact that there are usually three kids hanging off of me makes it so I’m a big wimp when it comes to hot weather. Bring on the A/C!

We actually had a lot of fun this week, though. We had a preschool play date on Wednesday, compete with dam building (supervised by Chris). The kids had a great time making the creek into a pool and all of them ended up wet and muddy. The sign of a good day.

On Thursday, we hit the park again. This time, we met my folks there for a nature/exercise hike. The park has an exercise trail with stations that give you different stretches or activities to do. CareBear and LiliBee had a great time running from sign to sign to see what was next. They attempted everything, though some of the bars were way too high for them to actually reach. It was a really fun adventure!

This weekend, we headed out to the Pierce County Fair in spite of the heat. It’s such a nice little fair with lots of stuff for smaller kids to do! We visited all of the barns in search of stamps (the kids got a prize for collecting all 8 stamps on a piece of paper) and then ate shaved ice to cool off. AliBoo got to ride in a stroller where she could sit up and see everything, which she loved. (And carrying her in the pack when it was 95 degrees sounded like a bad idea.) LiliBee got to go on a couple of rides with CareBear as the ride operators were very nice and pretended not to notice her standing on her toes to reach the line. They spent a lot of time at the “heat relief station” (a couple of sprinklers that the park had set up) while Chris and I watched some belly dancers perform. A good time was had by all!

This week is weirdly quiet… CareBear and LiliBee are down in Olympia having a sleep-over with Cousin H! They’ll be gone until Thursday, which will (hopefully) give me time to prepare for my preschool board meeting and get the budget ready for approval at orientation in a couple of weeks. AliBoo and I spent this morning doing her favorite things (nursing, snuggling, napping). I think she enjoys not having the big kids waking her up every time she nods off!

I’m hoping to make it to the Ren Faire this weekend, but mostly I think I’ll enjoy the relative quiet around here before the bustle of school starting up!

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