Video time!


LiliBee is getting the hang of walking in shoes (it’s kind of hit and miss) and she had a lot of fun playing in the snow with the puppies. We only had a little bit of snow (less than an inch), but that probably made it easier to practice walking outside.

Movie time

[youtube][/youtube]It’s movie night, and that means Finding Nemo! Chris makes popcorn and CareBear gets to pick the movie… at least until LiliBee is old enough to have an opinion about it.

[youtube][/youtube]It’s almost always Finding Nemo. We had a break for a couple of weeks when she got Tinkerbell from Grandma for Christmas. But now we’re back to Nemo.

[youtube][/youtube]We’ve tried other movies… all kinds of movies. But we only get about 15 minutes into them before they are deemed “not a very good movie” and we’re back to Nemo.

[youtube][/youtube]Luckily, it’s not a bad movie (we owned the DVD even before there were any kids in the house). There are even parts that I enjoy.

Still. Over and over and over? I’ll be glad when we get to watch a variety of movies.

(Disclaimer: These are not my videos. If it’s illegal, I didn’t do it. I wouldn’t even know how to do it.)