Catching up

I’ve been a slacker about posting my updates to the blog lately… I write them, I save the drafts, I upload the pictures… and then I go do other things! I always plan on coming back to them, adding the pictures, making them pretty but I never do. So I’m posting a bunch of the updates without pictures just to get them out there! I plan to add pictures and publish in a timely manner from here on out… we’ll see, won’t we!


LiliBee and I end up waiting a lot… waiting for CareBear to finish up whatever she’s doing… waiting for Chris to come back for us… we usually play games or sing songs. I imagine it looks pretty funny from the outside.

I’m bored.

What song should we sing?


Weekly update

We’ve managed to avoid any of the rest of us getting sick again (so far), so we were able to have quite a fun week. We started new classes, had a picnic in the park, played at the fair and even visited Northwest Trek!

Carys is trying out a preschool gymnastics class this time around. So far, it’s her and 4 other three year olds swinging chaotically from bars and jumping into the foam block pit with varying degrees of success. She had a lot of fun and I was quite entertained. She’s also taking a swimming class again and is actually starting to get the hang of kicking!

Lilia is taking a parent/child swim class this session. Chris went with her and, since it’s the same time as Carys’ gymnastics class, I didn’t get to watch this week. I hear that her favorite part is jumping off of the wall to Chris and that she liked doing “motor boat”. She tends to get chilly while swimming, but that didn’t stop her from climbing in and out of the pool for fun.

Chris surprised us with a picnic at the park the park on our way to the farm this week. One of the best parts was that I got to be surprised, too! Since I’m usually tasked with planning and providing food for things, it was a very nice change. Carys thinks that surprises are the best and she and Lilia had a great time picking out a picnic table and playing at the playground.

We hit the Pierce County Fair this weekend. It’s a nice sized fair for little kids, even though the ride selection isn’t very diverse. There were only a few rides that Carys could go on (and none for Lilia, but that’s not unusual)… though it didn’t matter too much since she rode the 4x4s twice and then did the “jungle gym” obstacle coarse type ride 4 times. She really liked the ball pit part of that “ride”. We did all the usual fair looking and eating and generally had a great time.

Unfortunately, Chris missed out on some of the fun to make an unscheduled trip to the dentist for a temporary filling. He cracked part of one of his molars off eating breakfast, so he’ll be going back in a couple of weeks for a crown. Lots of fun for him. Luckily, our dentist is right across the street from the fair so the girls and I had plenty to do while waiting for him to return.

The kids and I headed out to Northwest Trek with my folks today. We had a nice walk on one of the hiking loops and then wandered around looking at animals. Carys was really impressed that she can spot the animals all by herself now, even when they’re not moving around. Lilia loved stopping every few feet to pick up a new stick or rock or leaf. It was quite challenging to keep her walking in anything resembling a forward direction. The animals were mostly sleeping while we were there, but it was still a fun trip.

This week will probably be a little more mellow, with rain in the forecast and all. I do hope to hit the last weekend of the Ren Faire, though!

Vacation pictures…

The internet connection that we’re “borrowing” doesn’t make for fast upload of pictures, so I’ll have to wait until we get home to post them. I did update my “Project 365” page with a few beach pictures, though!


I’ve been thinking for awhile that I need to use this blog to capture some of the more interesting/funny/entertaining things from our lives. I’ve been so excited to be able to add pictures and videos to my posts so easily and make creative entries, that I haven’t really done many “quickies” (short and texty posts… pictures and videos are just too much fun!). So I think I’ll start adding little excerpts from life around here from time to time. There are lots of things that happen that I want to remember!


We did some shopping, Chris is playing with the new TV, the living room is full of blocks and the girls are having a “picnic”… and I baked two loaves of bread. Not bad for a Sunday!

Where did Saturday go?

We did some productive shopping and Chris got several things accomplished… so why do I fee like I lost the whole day?

I need a nap.

Blog coming soon

Watch this space…