Weekly update

Happy Memorial Day! I know it doesn’t feel like the (unofficial) beginning of summer around here yet, but the sun actually came out today so that’s a start. I am looking forward to being able to send the kids outside to play soon, though.

I had hopes of (finally) having a doctor free week, but I ended up going in to get my ear looked at since I hadn’t recovered from my ear infection a few weeks ago. It’s much better now. Then CareBear got another UTI so she got to go in, too! I wish we could figure out how to stop that, but we’re getting good at recognizing them early. The cold we all came down with last week was very mild, at least.

CareBear had her last day of school and we all had a great time. LiliBee was thrilled to get to stay at school. She felt like such a big girl playing with the other kids. There was a beach party theme to the day so we decorated paper surf board, “fished” for plastic fish and made fruit loop leis. AliBoo wasn’t thrilled with the lack of dedicated snuggling time but she seemed to enjoy watching the kids have their snack time, once she was fed of course.

Our weekend was pretty low key. We’re getting ready for our annual trip to the ham radio convention, but it’s going a little more slowly this year. I keep having to stop and pick up a baby or feed a couple of children! I keep hoping to get the house somewhat cleaned up for our house sitter, but I’m not sure how much of that is going to get done.

Chris is officially on vacation (well, starting tomorrow since today is a holiday). He’s celebrating by taking care of all of the things on my list that I’m not getting to. He’s handy like that. I think he’s enjoying the break from work, though.

AliBoo is getting more and more entertained by us. She loves to smile… as long as she’s getting her way. I’m starting to think that her temperament and personality might fall somewhere in between CarrBear and LiliBee. She’s not as laid back and mellow as LiliBee but also not as fussy and particular as CareBear was. We’ll find out tomorrow how big she is now.

The girls are pretty excited about going to Seaside. CareBear is counting the days until we leave and LiliBee keeps pulling out toys that she wants to take with us. It looks like it’s going to be rainy down there for the first half of our vacation, but there’s hope for the beginning of next week!

There probably won’t be much of an update next week (if at all), but I’ll probably upload some pictures up on the website or facebook if anyone cares to check there.

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