Weekly update

It was an interesting weather week around here, wasn’t it? We had just about everything roll through, which meant we spent a lot of time inside. Alice was ok with that, but the bigger kids got a little bored.

We did have a fun outing to the park for a preschool birthday party. The birthday girl was extremely lucky and had sunny skies for the 2 hours of her party (it rained hard both before and after!). CareBear and LiliBee had a great time playing, other than CareBear’s fall into the muddy bank of the creek… she didn’t like that at all.

We had a follow up appointment for CareBear’s tests and were happy to hear that they were pretty much normal. Good news for the brave patient!

LiliBee continued the tradition of drawing on the couch this week. Sometimes I wonder why I give them art supplies at all! On the other hand, she made lovely black stripes all up and down her legs so maybe it’s performance art.

AliBoo is officially 2 months old! She’s becoming very interested in what the rest of us are doing, though she can’t seem to figure us out just yet. We’ll find out next week how big she is.

Our planned play date was unfortunately canceled again (due to illness, their side this time). And it doesn’t look good for this week either! AliBoo woke up with a stuffy nose. CareBear woke up with a cough. And LiliBee is sneezing. Didn’t we just do this?

Yesterday was hair-cutting day around here. Chris’ hair was getting unruly so I gave my second haircut ever. Then CareBear wanted her hair cut, too, so I was going to give her a trim… but she moved! So both of them ended up with haircuts that were much shorter than I had planned, but at least they look ok.

This week will involve lots of vacation preparation. We’ll also be celebrating the end of school for CareBear with a preschool family fun day. I’m not sure what that involves, but LiliBee and AliBoo and I get to stay at school on Thursday and play so it should be fun. Hopefully, we’ll all be well by next week!

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