Weekly update

Well, we finally had a week of summer weather! Going up 30 degrees in 3 days was a little disconcerting, but it was nice to see the sun stick around for awhile. That’s all over for now, of course, but I like the cooler weather better anyway.

CareBear and LiliBee had a great sleep over down in Olympia last week. I hear that they spent a lot of time bouncing in the bounce house and running through the sprinkler. They also enjoyed popsicles, uninterrupted play with their cousin and exhausting Grandma. LiliBee came home with an amazing tan… she’s so lucky, the rest of us just burn in the sun! They were pretty tired when they came back but had a lot to tell me.

AliBoo and I enjoyed our “alone time”. We both missed the big girls, but it was nice to just have some mellow time to play AliBoo’s games… her favorite is “peek a boo”. She was pretty talkative and even started to giggle a little this week!  This morning, she rolled from her side to her tummy and then onto her back… I’m pretty sure it was just momentum from Lilia plopping down on the bed next to her (so the mattress sloped) and she was really surprised by it, but it was exciting nonetheless. She’s going to start doing all kinds of things soon. I’m not sure I’m ready for that!

Chris took me out to a movie last week while the big girls were gone (thanks to Grams and Pas for watching the cranky, “abandoned” baby). We went to see Eclipse, ate overly salty popcorn and avoided broken theater seats. It was great!

This weekend, we hit the Farmer’s Market. I’ve been wanting to go all season, but I was there to sit at the preschool booth so I didn’t get to look around much. Chris and the kids had a great time on the bounce houses and the playground, though. The girls talked him into getting balloons and shaved ice, too!

We also had a surprise play date on Sunday with AuntieT and Z-bear (finally)! The kids had a good time playing and snacking while AuntieT and I visited. Meanwhile, Chris spent the afternoon on the roof cleaning up after the winter (and the fireworks) and doing battle with the moles in the backyard. We’ve given up on getting rid of the wasps and are just staying inside for now but there’s still a chance to beat the moles.

I’m looking forward to some park fun this week and I might even catch up on the laundry.

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