Weekly update

You may have noticed that I’m running a bit behind this week! Hopefully, that trend won’t continue and our week will start going much more smoothly from here on out.

It all started to go went awry on Saturday when we went to the Y as usual… but AliBoo and I were the only ones to emerge unscathed! There was apparently some sort of magnetic force on the balance beam because first LiliBee, then CareBear and finally Chris smacked their heads into it. Unfortunately, Chris was moving at full speed when he hit and spent the day with a pretty bad headache. Since it was only getting worse, he decided to go get checked out once the girls were in bed. After a few hours in the ER and a ct scan, they concluded that it was a concussion. I’m pretty happy that it wasn’t one of those freaky brain bleeds. He spent Sunday resting his head, so to speak, and seems to be mostly back to normal by now.

I spent the weekend doing preschool finances and working on fun activity bags for our big exchange at the park today. Due to the screwy weekend and the fact that no one under 5 years old would leave me alone yesterday, I barely finished my 23 bags o’ learnin’… but the exchange was so much fun! We met a bunch of other folks in the park and came home with 22 different and new activities that the kids can keep themselves occupied with when I need to get something done (or need a break, or we go somewhere boring). I’m pretty excited about it. Playing in the park was a lot of fun, too! It was actually our second park play date of the week as we met up with some of CareBear’s classmates at a different park last week. That was fun, but way too hot since that park is lacking in shade! CareBear had a great time being put in “jail” by some bigger kids, though.

In other news, we spent most of our week out in the backyard. I’m unable to post any pictures from that as the big kids have decided to be nudists again. Every time the pool or the sprinkler comes out, they take off all of their clothes! It’s actually pretty funny to watch.

AliBoo has her 4 month check up tomorrow. I’m curious to know how big she’s getting. She’s starting to get some pretty chubby legs and surprised me the other day when I saw how long she’s getting when she stretches out! She’s talking more and more and wants so much to sit up on her own. I love it when they start asserting their personality.

Other than that, our week is looking pretty mellow! I think I’ll teach the kids how to wash the car…

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