Weekly update

You know, it wasn’t until I put the “subject” on this email that I realized that it’s 8-9-10! Cool!


We had a pretty fun week around here! We spent Tuesday evening at a “carnival” that they put on over in my folks’ neighborhood for the National Night Out. There was a circus train to shuttle people to and from that was very fun to ride. CareBear, in particular, was very excited about riding the train and talking to the other people in out “car”. Once we got to the carnival, there were hot dogs and cotton candy to eat as well as lots of bouncy houses in which to jump. CareBear wanted to “dunk the kid” at the dunk tank so my dad paid for her to take a shot… and she hit 2 out of 3 tries! It was pretty impressive. Lilia took a turn too, of course, and they let her walk up and hit the button to dunk the kid after she was out of balls. It was a very fun time.

We also had a nice picnic in the park on Chris’ day off. CareBear and LiliBee spotted baby fish in the lake and watched the dragonflies flying around. They also spent quite a lot of time rolling around in the field while I tried not to think about goose poop. Those geese stay down by the water… right?

AliBoo is very interested in watching all of the activities, but she can’t quite figure out how to join in yet. She does appreciate the entertainment, though, and spends a lot of time smiling and laughing at her sisters. When she isn’t busy chewing on things and drooling, anyway! Her newest skill is scooting herself around by pushing with her legs. She doesn’t have any directionality yet, but she doesn’t stay where we put her anymore. She’s also very pleased with herself. (Except when she scooted herself off of the bed, that made her pretty mad and about gave me a heart attack, but at least she didn’t get hurt at all!)

Over the weekend, we had the usual classes at the Y and I got to go to a candle party practically by myself! AliBoo and I had a lot of fun looking at all of the things I can’t buy until the kids are much older and visiting with people I don’t see very often. She was quite the social butterfly.

This week is looking a little busier, a trend I’m pretty sure is going to continue until school starts again next month! We’ve got a couple of playdates in the works and the Pierce County Fair is this weekend. I’ve got some stuff to work on for the preschool (by the way, we’ll be having a garage sale in a couple of weeks if anyone wants to donate and/or shop for anything!) and I’m slowly trying to whip the house back into shape after my post-partum slacker-ness.

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