Weekly update

I’m writing this email with one hand, to the soothing sounds of a slightly fussy baby and two very noisy children… everything is back to normal!

The girls had a great time at their sleep-over from what I hear. They had a camp out in Grandma’s backyard, complete with snacks and light up bracelets. CareBear tells me that they played “the whole time” they were there and that they had pizza. Sounds like everything went well!

AliBoo and I missed them, of course, and thought it was way too quiet around here. AliBoo didn’t have anyone to watch besides me, but she managed to amuse herself anyway. She is quickly learning to sit up by herself (she can manage a few seconds, anyway) and loves the new perspective. Her biggest news of the week, though, is that all of the drooling and chewing is paying off… her first tooth is starting to poke through! She’ll be 5 months old tomorrow so I’m pretty sure this is the earliest first tooth we’ve had around here.

We were able to spend a few hours at the Ren Faire on Saturday. (I’m so happy that the weather cooled off as there’s no shade out there!) I enjoyed a bit of “window shopping” and the girls loved listening to the music. LiliBee was fascinated by the pickle wench. She’s a little pickle obsessed right now and eats 3 or 4 of them a day. CareBear loved all of the “princesses” there and told many, many people how pretty she thought their dresses were. We actually got to sit down and watch a little of the horse show this year, and it was amazing! The horses are so well trained and it was fun to watch them “dance” with the people. Hopefully, we’ll get to watch the whole show eventually.

Sunday did not go as planned… Chris spent the whole day at work dealing with power and network outages. He didn’t get home until after the girls were asleep so they’re under the impression that he’s been at work since yesterday morning! I tried to tell them that he came home last night but had to go back this morning, but that just made them sad that they didn’t get to see him so I think I’ll let him explain it tonight. Hopefully, he’ll get a day off sometime this week to make up for losing half of the weekend.

I’ll be busy with preschool start up for the next few weeks, but that should settle down just in time for the Puyallup Fair! I hope it all goes smoothly and that my “job” will settle down… making the preschool budget makes my brain hurt.

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